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Common Surgical Errors and the Reasons They Occur

Hospitals increase revenues by shortening the time for surgical procedures and recovery. While there are practical reasons for this, it can also heighten the risk of surgical errors. Errors during surgery are among the most common forms of medical negligence. Surgical errors can result in patients having to undergo additional procedures to correct a surgeon’s error…. Read more »

Compassion, Experience, Results: Boca Raton’s Results-Driven Family Attorney

Ronald Zakarin is Boca Raton’s most dedicated and talented attorney fully prepared to protect your family, your assets, and your inherent rights. Ronald has over thirty years of solid experience protecting Florida’s citizens and has built a strong reputation for his dedication to his goals, professional approach, and deep compassion for his community. He fully commits to… Read more »

Unfit Parenting: Mandated Reporters and the Safety of Florida’s Children

Are you involved in complex divorce litigation and worried about the safety of your children? Are you a grandparent or other family member legitimately concerned about the custody of a minor child? What Do I do? Florida laws state that everyone is a mandated reporter. If you have a genuine fear that your child is being abused and neglected… Read more »

Tips to Help Your Grandchildren Through Their Parent’s Divorce

When you first hear that your adult child is getting a divorce, you might think about your grandchildren. You love them and want them to be in your life, no matter what happens to them. In fact, you can be a great source of comfort for them. Here are some ways to help your grandchildren… Read more »

Should You Decide to Divorce While Your Spouse is Absent?

Deciding that you want a divorce is a huge personal step, not a decision that should be made lightly or in the heat of the moment. Even if you have gone through extreme emotional hurt before making this decision, often people need a little time, self-reflection, and perhaps one more go at making it work… Read more »