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How Can You Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

Personal injuries can occur in a variety of situations, from car accidents to slip and falls. These accidents can result in physical, emotional, and financial damages for the victim. If you have suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim…. Read more »

Trucking Accident Attorneys: Dispelling Misconceptions About Truck Accident Claims

Trucking accidents are a common occurrence on our roads, and they often result in devastating consequences. Due to the massive size and weight of commercial trucks, collisions with smaller vehicles can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities. Despite this, many misconceptions surround truck accident claims, making it challenging for victims to seek justice. This… Read more »

Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Get the Compensation You Deserve

Investigating the Accident After a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause and establish liability. Our team at the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin in Boca Raton, Florida, has the experience and resources to investigate your accident fully. We work with accident reconstruction experts, gather witness statements, and… Read more »

Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Cases in Florida

Personal injury cases are often complex, requiring careful examination of the facts to establish negligence. Negligence, in legal terms, refers to a failure to exercise the care that a reasonable person would exercise in similar circumstances, resulting in harm to another party. Proving negligence is crucial in personal injury cases, as it determines whether the… Read more »

Understanding Child Custody in Your Florida Divorce with Ronald M. Zakarin

Deciphering Child Custody Matters: Insights from Ronald M. Zakarin When going through a divorce in Florida, one of the most pressing concerns for parents is often the issue of child custody. Determining who will get custody can be a complex and emotionally charged process, but with the right guidance, it is possible to navigate this… Read more »