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Boca Raton Surgical Error Lawyer

Surgery is scary enough as it is, regardless of how routine a procedure may be. Nonetheless, we go through with it because we place a great deal of trust in our doctors to make us better when we are not well. Unfortunately, there are times when surgical errors occur and they can be devastating. There… Read more »

Boca Raton Animal Attack Injury Lawyer

Most animals are either kind to people or they are contained so that they do not injure anyone. However, there are times when a dog or other animal can turn on a person and cause very serious injury or death. The unfortunate fact is that there are many times when these accidents are the result… Read more »

What to Expect if You Are Getting Divorced

By Ronald M. Zakarin So, you’re getting a divorce. It seems like only yesterday you were madly in love, getting married to your soulmate, and the furthest thing from your mind was a divorce. Yet here you are, emotionally drained, angry and confused. What will happen next? If you find yourself in this situation it… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Negligence: The Repercussions Can Be Deadly

By: Ronald M. Zakarin, Esq. All too often, we repose our trust and confidence in our pharmacist to read a doctor’s prescription accurately, to properly fill the vial with the appropriate quantity of medication, and to provide the patient with correct instructions for taking the medication. Unfortunately, this false sense of complacency can have dire… Read more »

Vision Loss Following Surgery: An Idiosyncratic Outcome V. Medical Explanation?

By: Ronald M. Zakarin, Esq. The general population as a whole has probably never heard of anyone who has undergone a surgical procedure and awakened blind or severely visually impaired. For those unfortunate few who have suffered this malady, however, the results can be devastating. Many people elect to undergo a surgical procedure with the… Read more »