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Medical Malpractice Overview

Ronald M. Zakarin, has been representing clients in their time of need in both the state and federal courts for the last 30 years. As a personal injury attorney in Boca Raton, Florida, Ronald M. Zakarin has handled cases throughout Florida and in other states involving medical negligence, and personal injury litigation. Over the past 30 years, Ron’s practice has focused on medical malpractice, pharmaceutical malpractice, hospital malpractice, medical product liability, and nursing negligence. Ron has successfully litigated cases dealing with failure to diagnose deep vein thrombosis, blindness after low back surgery, gynecological malpractice and obstetrical medical malpractice.

Cases include nursing home negligence, products liability, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Ron consults with elite physicians who are readily available to screen cases including those that have been turned down by other Florida medical malpractice lawyers. Having access to a personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer who works with a diverse group of doctors for a work related injury, medical malpractice, or even negligent homicide, benefits those that have been injured, abused, ignored, or suffered wrongdoing.  Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. has the resources and experience to handle the largest medical malpractice lawsuit while also catering to individuals that have been hurt physically, emotionally, and financially. Attorney Ron Zakarin and his full service law office, practices in both state and federal civil trial and appellate courts helping citizens to bring their case to a successful conclusion.

Ronald M. Zakarin has clients who come from all walks of life because medical errors, medical negligence, medical product injuries, nursing home abuse, and surgical errors occur everywhere. When Ron first meets with you, either in the Bacon Raton law firm office, or in your own home, you can tell him the: who, what, where, when and how of your personal injury case or medical malpractice case. You can also explain how this has altered your life, which includes the need for further medical care, financial burdens, physical limitations, career changes, lifestyle changes, emotional stress, and psychological changes.

Ron Zakarin will initially ascertain the nature of the issues being presented and begin a comprehensive analysis of the appropriate medical experts to review the case. A sampling of medical incidents that can be caused through medical malpractice include: heart attack, cerebral palsy, aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, fetal distress, birth injury, child injuries, surgical mistakes, and blindness after surgery.

Ron and his staff will go the extra mile to make sure that your predicament meets the standards required by the Florida judicial system. Ron will often times schedule an appointment to travel to whatever state the medical expert happens to practice in, to meet with him/her personally to review the records and discuss preliminarily, what they believe the issues to be.

Ron has found that often times he needs to spend the time to educate the expert on the entirety of the matter, before they undertake their review. This ensures that they look at all of the issues that Ron believes is important, as Ron has encountered situations in the past where the expert does not focus enough attention on a case, and important facts may be overlooked.

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