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Divorce Mediation In Boca Raton Is The Best Option For Your Children

Did you know that Florida leads the nation when it comes to divorce mediation? The Florida Mediation Confidentiality and Privilege Act of 2004 ensures the legality of the process and protects your entire family from contentious litigation. This way, you can continue to decide what is best for your whole family instead of placing your future in the hands… Read more »

Disentanglement: The Most Effective and Compassionate Divorce Attorney In Boca Raton

Many people amid divorce find themselves in an emotionally distressed and desperate situation that they may not see their way out of. The first thing that you need to do when you find that divorce is inevitable is contacting an experienced, compassionate, and empathetic lawyer to serve by your side. Ronald M. Zakarin at the Law Office of Ronald… Read more »

How Is Alimony Determined In Florida With The Support Of A Focused Attorney?

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, no matter how much it is warranted and how much you or your partner have looked forward to the day. Do you know what your rights are in Boca Raton?Are you aware that you may qualify for some form of alimony to get you through the trying times? Discussing your… Read more »

Considering Divorce but Have Coronavirus Concerns? Get Your Free Case Evaluation From Home.

Do any of these describe you and your spouse? Has the Coronavirus put your plans to get divorced on hold? Is all of the extra time that you have been spending together making the situation worse instead of better? Are you starting to realize that divorce is the only option? Can’t imagine waiting any longer… Read more »

Child Support Questions During The Coronavirus Pandemic In Boca Raton 

COVID-19 has changed our routines, our jobs, and even our lives. Many of us can’t live the way we were living and with some offices closed, who do you turn to with the essential questions? Child support is one of the most important issues we face during a divorce. But what happens during a crisis, like… Read more »