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Why Should You Pay Child Support?

Divorces can become nasty and quickly. This is especially true when there are children involved. Deciding who will have the children and when can be very hard, making the divorce even more difficult. Most of the time, one parent will have the children more than the other one to help them have some sort of… Read more »

Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer What We Can Do for You

Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer When you need a divorce lawyer, you need someone you can trust to know their way around local family law. Whether your divorce is peaceful or adversarial, a good divorce lawyer can help you to build strong divorce terms that will allow for you – and possibly your children – to… Read more »

Why You Deserve Alimony

Why Do You Deserve Alimony? Divorce is never easy. Many people have to learn how to survive on their own. Most of the time, the home is sold and both people need to move into a smaller and more affordable home. Financially, it can ruin many people. They are used to living with two incomes… Read more »

Why Would I Need a Family Lawyer?

If you are looking for a lawyer, you might be confused about what kind of lawyer you may need. There are so many different types and it can be quite confusing. There are family lawyers, divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and much more. One common type of lawyer is a family lawyer.  Here are some… Read more »

Men And Women’s Equality Important In Florida Custody Matters

We all know that many courts have a predilection towards keeping the children with the mother during heterosexual divorce proceedings and related child custody hearings. Florida has taken steps to change the rules by leading the nation as a 50/50 state. The goal is to give parents an equal amount of time with the children. Sometimes there… Read more »