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Professional Practices

Licensed professionals go through divorce as well. Lawyers, accountants, doctors, real estate agents, and insurance agents are just some of the professional clients that the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. has represented.

When these professional clients work in a sole practice or a partnership, the value of their interest in the practice is taken into account when determining the value of the marital estate.

If you are a licensed professional facing a divorce, it is important to be represented by a Boca Raton divorce attorney who has experience representing licensed professionals. With the right attorney by your side, you can ensure that all of the information that you provide in the matter is accurate and that all resources will be used to ensure every detail is included.

Straightforward Divorce Representation

The accurate valuation of a professional practice in property division can be difficult. The standard methods of business valuation may not apply to the unique set of circumstances. First, the physical assets that the practice owns most likely represent only a small portion of the business value. Even if you are a dentist or a doctor with expensive equipment in your office, there is a good chance that your capital assets are collateral on an operating loan. This is a problem that can be approached in a number of way. Which solution is used is the one that is going to work best with your particular practice or the practice of your spouse.

Effective And Honest Advice

It is true that your professional practice can also be affected by alimony issues and prenuptial agreements. It can also be affected by agreements that define or restrict transfer rights within a closely held corporation or partnership.

The key question, however, in the valuation of professional practice is the amount that the professional will need to pay the spouse to buy out the marital interest in the business. At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, a sophisticated approach to the issue is initiated so that interests can be protected from the other party. Your professional practice is your livelihood, so it is very important to do everything necessary to protect it. Your Boca Raton family law attorney will utilize strategies designed to do just that so you can go on with business as usual after the divorce is finalized.

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Licensed professionals go through divorce and the value of their interest in their practice may be considered part of the marital estate. Working with an experienced Professional Licensing Divorce attorney will help you obtain a satisfactory result in your divorce case. To learn more about your options, contact the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. at 561-338-5297 to schedule a free consultation.