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Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

With some exceptions, essentially every child’s biological parent is automatically given legal rights in regards to the child. What are those rights? Some of the rights that a biological parent is automatically¬† given include the following: The ability to be around the child/children The ability to make the decision on who else can have access… Read more »

Florida Divorce Lawyer: Alternatives to Legal Separation

When a couple decides that they no longer wish to live together as a married couple, there are usually two options, legal separation or divorce. The law varies according to the state and jurisdiction in which you live. For couples residing in Florida, there are fewer options but different alternatives to protect the rights and… Read more »

Divorcing During the Adoption Process in Florida

For many foster parents, the usual end goal is to find a child that needs your loving home. While some children may be temporary stays before returning to their biological parents, every foster parent is looking for “the one,” so to speak, that they will adopt. However, life might not always work out quite like… Read more »

When Will the Courts Deny an Emancipation of a Minor Claim?

For most children, they wait out their formative years for the emancipation that occurs automatically at the age of adulthood – 18 years old. However, through the use of their state’s legal system, a minor below the age of 18 can seek emancipation from their parents to gain the legal rights of an adult. While… Read more »

How To Enforce Child Custody and Support Orders in a Florida Divorce Case

Like most states, Florida bases child custody and support off of the best interests of the child. They also have specific guidelines for child support. In most cases, Florida courts grant shared custody – referred to as “shared parental responsibility” but they may lean more to one parent or the other, especially if the child… Read more »