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Temporary Relief

Temporary Relief may be granted by the court at the request of your Boca Raton divorce attorney before the divorce case is resolved. There are several main issues that can result in Temporary Relief for the spouse seeking it.

Temporary Relief Measures In Florida

There are different types of temporary relief measures that can be sought in Florida divorce cases

  • An injunction against domestic violence – This is used to protect one party against the abuse or harassment by one spouse against the other and any children. The attorney can file for protection against domestic violence.
  • Temporary alimony – If you need to request alimony, your attorney can do this for you as well. If you have displayed financial difficulties throughout the divorce, temporary alimony can be requested and awarded while the divorce case is pending its conclusion.
  • Freezing assets – If you feel that your spouse is trying to hide common assets or spend them before you are able to settle the divorce, assistance can be given in freezing pension accounts, bank accounts, IRAs, and other financial instruments, as well as business assets in order to preserve that property.
  • Temporary child support – Because no agreement has yet been drafted on how child support will be paid, temporary child support can be requested until the divorce decree is finalized. The child support laws in Florida are very strict and will be followed and enforced by the court.
  • Temporary custody – If both parties are living separately and child custody is an issue, temporary custody can be requested.
  • Attorney’s fees and litigation expenses – One spouse may be able to afford their attorney and one may not, so temporary relief may be awarded so that the spouse with the financial ability provides the funds.
  • Temporary denial of passport services/removal of minor children – One spouse may try to remove the minor children from the state or even the country in order to prevent the other from having access to the children. A denial of passport can prevent this from happening.

Divorce Representation You Can Trust

You can trust your attorney to have your best interests in heart and mind every step of the way. This removes a great deal of stress from the divorce process. When you have a qualified divorce attorney guiding you, providing you with the information that you need, and advocating for what you want so you can move on with your life, you can feel confident that the outcome is the one that is best for you.

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Sometimes there are issues that may come about in divorce proceedings that require temporary relief. When that is the case, your attorney can make such requests for you. If you need a quality divorce attorney who can aggressively pursue any of the different types of temporary relief measures, the Law Offfices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. can help you. To schedule a free consultation, call 561-338-5297.