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Why You Deserve Alimony

Why Do You Deserve Alimony? Divorce is never easy. Many people have to learn how to survive on their own. Most of the time, the home is sold and both people need to move into a smaller and more affordable home. Financially, it can ruin many people. They are used to living with two incomes and suddenly, they have to learn to live on one. They may also stay home (to support their spouse or take care of their children), and they find themselves trying to find work after a long absence.

Because of this, some spouses are given alimony. This money will support them while they learn to adjust to their new life. They may only get alimony for a few months or a few years as they work to rebuild their life.

One spouse may have supported the other one’s career. Without the support that they were given, they may not be as successful as they are today. Many times, one spouse will work to support the other through college. They deserve some sort of compensation for as much as they did for their ex-spouse.

They may also stay at home in order to make their spouse’s life easier. Some successful career and businessmen and women like to have a spouse at home to make everything go smoothly. This person will keep the home clean, food on the table, and keep up with the laundry. They can help their spouse by throwing together a dinner party on short notice if necessary. If they are needed in the office, they can easily stop on by to help out wherever they are needed.

They may also work for their spouse. Many business owners can’t afford employees in the beginning and their spouses step up to the plate to help. Even after the business has grown and become more successful, they may continue to work on the business together. However, after the divorce, it is hard to remain friendly at work so the spouse may find him or herself looking for a new job. This can take quite a bit of time.

Then, there are many women (and men) who decide to stay at home with the children. Childcare can be very expensive so there are times when one parent decides to give up his or her career in order to raise the children. The other parent happily supports the entire family during this time. However, after a divorce, it can be hard to find employment after years of staying at home. When they do find something, they will likely work a minimum wage job where they struggle to make ends meet.

Though one might not think that they deserve alimony, the truth is that there are plenty of times when it should be awarded. This is especially true for those who have supported their spouse from the very beginning. They may have worked hard while their spouse went to school and grew his or her business. They may have stayed home so that they could come home to a clean home, food on the table, and a relaxed spouse ready to spend time with them. This spouse may have also been ready to help wherever he or she was needed, whether organizing a dinner party or helping out around the office. Then, there are spouses who start a business together. Working together after splitting doesn’t work well and it may take time for the one to find a quality job that pays well. Alimony may also help stay at home parents as they struggle to re-join the workforce.

If you are going through a divorce and think that you deserve alimony, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will fight for you so that you have the financial means to rebuild your life.