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The Real Cost of a Divorce in Florida

There are plenty of jokes out there about a divorce costing you half of everything you have. It’s funny, unless it’s happened to you. The real cost of a divorce in Florida is something you want to know about.

Legal Expenses

It is recommended that you work with a divorce lawyer to help you navigate through the entire process. This means that there will be charges from the lawyer as well as from the courts in order to file all of the paperwork. Often, the lawyer will provide you with one flat fee that will cover everything in order to simplify it all.

There may be some additional expenses depending on individual situation. For example, if you have children, there will be a parenting plan and child support calculation that needs to be done. If there is a division of 4016 or other assets, then there will be a charge for creating a QDRO.

Other Expenses

You have to consider the other side of the divorce. Beyond the legal fees, you are going to have to split assets. While many people say it’s 50/50, it’s not always so. There might be legitimate reasons for one party getting more than half, such as if there was a prenuptial agreement in place.

It is best if you and your partner can split the assets amicably. However, if a mediator needs to get involved, this could be another expense.

The final cost of divorce can be cumbersome when you factor in the division of property, which is another reason you want a lawyer on your side.

Find out more about navigating through a divorce in Florida so that it’s fair for everyone involved.