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How to Determine Fair Child Support in Florida Divorce

Once a divorce in Florida happens and there is a child involved, child support needs to be calculated. It needs to be fair so that neither parent becomes more financially responsible for the child than the other.

Showing Income

In Florida, the income for both parents are required. This is done to determine the kind of income that would be available if the parents had remained married. A percentage of what would go to raising the child is then calculated. The dollar amount is then used to determine how much will get allotted.

There are various factors involved as well including who has primary custody and the number of days the other parent has in terms of visitation. The parent who has secondary custody is going to be the one who pays the child support.


Expenses need to be calculated as well. The goal is to not leave one parent completely broke after paying child support. However, if one parent pays for the child’s insurance, childcare, and other things, this is taken into consideration and subtracted off of what would be required for them to pay towards raising the child.

It’s important to get a family and divorce lawyer involved in the process to ensure that both parties are providing the necessary documents. If one parent refuses to provide proof of income, they can be held in contempt of court.

In the end, you want to put the needs of the child first. Fair child support pay can be done, but it requires the cooperation of everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more.