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Are you wondering how much divorce costs in Florida?

Is divorce in your near future? We’re sorry to hear that, but facts and a sound legal team will help ease your anxiety. Getting divorced is never an easy process, but each state is different, and presents its own set of challenges. If your divorce is taking place in Florida, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

The cost

The average cost of a divorce in Florida is estimated to be around $13, 500, with close to $11,000 of that resulting from lawyer fees. The cost of divorce will be modified by several factors, such as child support issues, going to trial, or accusations of adultery.


If alimony is being requested, and there are accusations of adultery on either side, expenses will definitely increase. This is because of the fees associated with hiring private detectives that will determine if the allegations are honest and accurate.

Trial vs. Collaborative Law Divorce

Your lawyers spending more time in the court room will increase legal expenses. It’s advisable to consider a collaborative law divorce. This option allows both parties to sit down and calmly hash out the needs and wants of their post-divorce lives. In other words, this route will work out to be much cheaper and less time consuming than the court option if both sides make an effort to accommodate. You might also save your sanity in the process.

We are here to help

Whether you pursue a collaborative law divorce, or decide to take your chances in court, it’s necessary to retain an expert. Please, contact us immediately.