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What Are The Most Common Reasons for Divorce?

While many people hope that their marriage will stand the test of time, the fact is that nearly half of marriages end in divorce. Yet, even with how common divorce is, many people are taken by surprise when they find out that a loved one is getting a divorce, or that their spouse wants a divorce, leaving them wondering how things got to where they are. While the choice to get a divorce often results from a multitude of problems that have arisen within a marriage, if an impending divorce– whether your own or someone else’s — has caught you by surprise and you are unsure what has happened, it may help to consider the most common reasons couples choose to get divorced. Here is a look at the top reasons couples list as being the primary reason they chose to get a divorce.

Getting Married for The Wrong Reasons

What many people may not realize is that problems with a marriage often go back to the beginning, as it is common for people to get married for the wrong reasons. While getting married is supposed to be about making a commitment to someone you love, it is not uncommon for people to get married for other reasons such as for money, due to an unexpected pregnancy, or because of pressure from their family. Only later do they realize that the marriage did not have the right foundation and was doomed from the beginning, so it is often helpful to look at why a couple got married when trying to understand their divorce.


Of course, it should not come as a surprise that one of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. In fact, infidelity is one of the most commonly cited turning points in an already struggling relationship, acting as the final straw for many people. In the majority of cases, couples are not able to move past extramarital affairs, and the only solution that remains in this situation is to get a divorce. However, this is most common in relationships that are already struggling; there are circumstances where couples have found that an affair helped them to find problems in their relationship and they were able to recover from the affair, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Growing Apart

Of course, there are also often situations where the divorce is no one’s fault, as it is not uncommon for couples to find that they have simply grown apart over the years. The fact is that the experiences we go through in life as we continue to grow and discover ourselves can change who we are, and people often find that they and/or their spouse have changed to the point where they no longer have anything in common. Sometimes couples find that they simply do not recognize themselves, or the person they are married to, anymore, and they no longer have the same feelings for each other that they once did. This is particularly common for couples who got married particularly young, as you can change a lot in your early adult years. Fortunately, these marriages often end amicably and without much drama.

Communication Problems

It is also common for a marriage to end if a couple finds that they have a hard time communicating or resolving conflicts. While some couples discover that they never communicated well, others may simply stop listening to each other, and they will soon find themselves having the same arguments over and over again. Constant fighting can lead to anxiety, depression, and a feeling as though one is not being heard, which often makes divorce the best option for all parties involved in this situation.

Unfortunately, even when couples get married with the best intentions, the relationship can break down over time, making divorce the best option. If you are in the process of getting divorced, it is important that you have the proper representation to make sure that you are looked after during this difficult time. Contact us to find out more about why people get divorced, as well as to learn about why you need an attorney when going through a divorce.