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How to Help your Kids Navigate your Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy for any couple. However, for those with children, it is something that is even more difficult. Not only do parents need to navigate through their own feelings, but they must be cognizant of the issues their children are going through as well.

Here are a few things you can do to help your kids deal with their emotions while you are going through a divorce.

Stay Involved

One of the biggest fears kids have when their parents are going through a divorce is that they will lose one of their parents. To help with this fear, both parents should stay involved with their kids daily. This helps your kids feel loved and secure with both parents.

Allow them to Grieve

For kids, divorce is all about loss. As with other types of loss, children need to have the time and capacity to grieve properly. Parents should encourage them to go through the motions of grief and be there to help them handle their emotions in a healthy way. Avoid attempts to force your children to act a certain way while they are grieving. Instead, allow them to grieve in their own way.

Watch What you Say

Finally, avoid talking negatively about the other parent or about the legal aspects of the divorce in front of your kids. These are things that should be reserved for adult ears and well away from your children. Hearing these things will only make it harder for your kids to handle the divorce appropriately.

Helping your kids with their emotions is an important part of going through a divorce. The items listed above will allow you to accomplish this goal. Contact us to learn more about the things you should do while you are going through a divorce.