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Top FAQs Customers Ask Boca Raton Divorce Lawyers

The Top FAQs Clients Ask Divorce Lawyers

What is “dissolution of marriage?”

Florida law refers to divorce as dissolution of marriage. When you fill out legal documentation about your divorce, you’ll see the term “dissolution of marriage” anywhere that you’d expect to see the word “divorce.”

Is divorce mediation good for children?

Yes. In fact, we believe that mediation is the best option for children in the event of a divorce. Here’s why:

  • Mediation creates a clear legal path to agreeable compromises
  • Mediation is intended to help couples find a lawful middle ground to child custody, monetary issues, property disputes, and other aspects unique to a divorce
  • When it comes to mediation, you make the decisions– not a lawyer or a judge
  • Mediation is more affordable than litigation 
  • Mediation ends in an enforceable contract

What are some signs that someone should hire a divorce lawyer?

It’s a good idea to consult with a divorce attorney regardless of your marital situation, but some pointed signs that it might be time to talk to a divorce lawyer include:

  • You and your spouse are not on good terms: If you aren’t on great terms with your spouse, a divorce can become contentious quickly; divorce lawyers can help their clients navigate situations like these
  • You have young children: If you have children, you already know it’s impossible to perfectly plan for the future; but the younger your kids are, the more there is to guesstimate. A divorce lawyer can help
  • You don’t have confidence in your understanding of divorce law: Think about it– lawyers have to go through years’ worth of education before they can help their clients. If you aren’t a divorce law pro, nobody will blame you; but it does mean a divorce attorney might be able to help you

How long does a divorce take in Florida?

We should start with one simple statement: every divorce is unique. A divorce’s timeline could be weeks, months, or even years long. One key factor is whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

  • In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree on every aspect of the divorce
    • This often includes division of property and debts, alimony, child support, custody, and visitation
  • In a contested divorce, the court needs to decide on one or more aspects of the divorce

Uncontested divorces may take as few as four to five weeks; contested divorces easily take six months or longer and often last over a year if courts are extremely busy.

Keep in mind: most divorces don’t involve a trial. Spouses usually choose to settle their disputes with the help of a mediator.

What is alimony?

You may have heard alimony referred to as spousal support; it’s a court-ordered monetary allowance that one spouse pays to another spouse. Alimony can be paid both during and after the divorce process.

Do I need a divorce attorney to get a divorce in Florida?

No. You do not have to have a divorce attorney to get a divorce in Florida. 

You have the right to be your own attorney, but most people don’t benefit from trying to attempt the complex procedure on their own. Lawyers go through years’ worth of education to help their clients. If you can afford a divorce attorney, you should get one.

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