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What You Need to Know About Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

Parenting is a right, but also a privilege revocable by the courts. Even though it is usually difficult to have your parental rights terminated due to Florida statutes, there are certain circumstances where removing them is permissible.

Voluntary absolving of rights

A parent is also able to give up his or her rights regarding the children. In order for parents to relinquish their rights, they must sign a written surrender in the company of witnesses as well as a notary public. Careful consideration must be exercised before signing this document, as wavering away your rights as a parent is usually permanent.

Abandonment and removal of privileges

If a child is abandoned, then parental rights can be terminated. Abandonment includes leaving the child at someone else’s home for an extended period of time without notice of return, or if the parent hasn’t seen the child in over 60 days.

Your child’s health is multi-faceted

Endangering the physical or psychological health of your child is also cause for a court to examine whether or not parental rights are deserved. Usually, these actions have to be at a severe enough level that they warrant removing a parent’s rights.


Being incarcerated will also be grounds for absolving parental rights. Length of time, specific offenses committed, and repeated behavior that indicates the likelihood of future incarcerations will also be taken into consideration by a judge during the decision-making process.

You are the guardian of your child

Even if someone else’s actions, and not your own, put your child’s health in jeopardy, you might still be held liable due to any proven inaction on your part that could’ve been reasonably prevented.

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