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How Is Alimony Determined In Florida With The Support Of A Focused Attorney?

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, no matter how much it is warranted and how much you or your partner have looked forward to the day. Do you know what your rights are in Boca Raton?Are you aware that you may qualify for some form of alimony to get you through the trying times?

Discussing your options with the right divorce attorney who is empathetic and dedicated to preserving your rights and your way of life is essential for the quality of your future and your ability to move forward with confidence.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony is a court-ordered payment plan set up by the state during a divorce to help a spouse transition into an easier life and, if warranted, to maintain a standard of living that a person had during their marriage. Alimony is different and kept separate from any child support payments and the appointment of such payments is not taken lightly by the court.

Alimony can be a contentious subject and the burden of proof is on the shoulders of the person seeking alimony. This means that the person asking for alimony must prove that they need it and are entitled to it.

You can get the best analysis of your situation if you can come into our office with an understanding of these questions and ready to answer them to the best of your ability:

How Long Were You Married?

Were you married for two years or twenty years? The length of your marriage will depend on whether you can get alimony, for how long, and what kind.

According to Statute Chapter 61, Section 8, states that a short-term marriage is one that lasts less than seven years and a mid-length marriage is one that lasts from eight to seventeen years. A long-term marriage is seen as an investment and any marriage over eighteen years is long-term. A long-term marriage is harder to dissolve but may be easier to get alimony in most cases.

The time and the effort one puts into the marriage are studied and are used in determining the outcome of the decision. Make sure to share your burdens with the lawyer and communicate your attempts to save the marriage and change its outcome.

What Occurred During The Marriage?

Was one partner cheating, stealing, and/or lying? Be honest with your attorney. Your emotional condition at this time is important. Have the actions of your spouse led you to seek the help of a therapist?

Has any physical abuse led to a disability, psychologically or physically? How did you live while married? Were you able to continue and education or work outside the home? These questions are essential and pertain directly to the standard of living you have become accustomed to.

What Is The Standard Of Living You Are Used To During The Length Of Your Marriage And Your Current Financial Situation?

You and your spouse’s financial records are always a part of divorce proceedings and they will be used to determine the validity of an alimony request. Who made more money? What are your debts? What other assets do you have, including life insurance, for example?

The judge will look at your situation individually and look into your former spouse’s financial stability before finalizing any decisions. There are several types of alimony, both temporary and permanent, to fit most everyone’s needs.

An effectual and experienced lawyer will make sure that all relevant information is given to the judge before he makes a ruling. You have the best chances with the best lawyer.

Ronald M. Zakarin Will Support And Protect You In Your Divorce

Alimony is an intricate situation and a difficult decision to make. A tried and true legal team dedicated to guiding you through your divorce proceedings is of utmost importance to us.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin in Boca Raton. We have helped many people face divorce with dignity and grace. As always, we’re here for you.