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Ronald M. ZakarinRonald Zakarin is Boca Raton’s most dedicated and talented attorney fully prepared to protect your family, your assets, and your inherent rights. Ronald has over thirty years of solid experience protecting Florida’s citizens and has built a strong reputation for his dedication to his goals, professional approach, and deep compassion for his community.

He fully commits to his clients, guides you towards the best possible outcomes, and encourages the most productive and quality future for your family.

Ronald has an amazing, one-of-a-kind work ethic and labors hard to get you the results that you desire. He fights diligently and even aggressively to get a fair and just conclusion to your case. His exceptional talent in negotiation all but promises either an excellent deal or trial outcome, depending on your goals.

He fully prepares to go to court in every case because that intense preparation only benefits his clients from every angle, no matter what they choose to do. He isn’t afraid to go to trial and will do so if he must.

A Skilled And Caring Divorce Attorney

Ronald is a Boca Raton divorce lawyer who has proven his skills in matters such as divorcealimonychild supportvisitation, and custody. He also has experience in temporary support, business valuations, and equitable distribution all in relation to divorce. Ronald has been heavily involved in complex divorce litigations as well as in simple mediated divorce proceedings, which he prefers as it is easier on the children.

Ronald is a Certified Florida Guardian Ad Litem for suspected and proven neglected and abused children. He takes all accusations of abuse seriously and will fight at his most aggressive for them in a judicial court. He respects the family and holds children in very high regard. Ronald will always think of their protection and comfort first.

Whether you have a high net-worth divorce or situations related to marital debtsprenuptial agreements, or custody relocation issues, Ronald can do it all. The best part is, he can do it well and he works directly for you.

Exceptional Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Malpractice Experience

Ronald Zakarin is a civil litigation attorney who specializes in probate law and breach of practice. A deep understanding and an incredible amount of practice must go into learning about civil litigation and the Florida legal system to specialize in any part of it and Ronald has you covered. He is an educated and trustworthy advocate dedicated to relieving your stress and dissolving your worries.

Many lawyers who represent clients in personal injury and malpractice are called ‘ambulance chasers’ by the public. Ronald is no ambulance chaser. He has been able to bring in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients who have been permanently injured in some way by human negligence and abuse.

Ronald is both organized and thoughtful so he can accurately estimate everything you have lost and come up with a reasonable settlement for your injuries. He is the hardest working attorney in Florida.

Ronald M. Zakarin Thinks Of You First

Quite a few lawyers think of court as a game they can win, but Ronald, much like you, doesn’t see your lives as trivial. He is kind, thorough, and works harder than anyone else to bring you the justice you deserve. He represents you aggressively and negotiates the best deal possible through his experience, talent, and wisdom.

Ronald is honest and straightforward and will never encourage you to make decisions you feel uncomfortable with. He ensures that the judge makes the correct decision concerning your case.

Ronald Zakarin is an attorney so that he can fight for you, plain and simple. His tenacity and his talent come from a deeper place, a place where respect for all individuals, their rights, and their happiness isn’t the exception. It’s the norm. Your family’s future is safe in his hands.

The Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. wants to help you with your family law, negligence, or civil litigation case. When faced with a legal issue, you do not have to do it all alone. Instead, you can have a powerful advocate on your side that looks out for your interests and fights for the best possible outcome in your case. To learn more about how Boca Raton attorney Ronald M. Zakarin can help you, call 561-338-5297 to schedule your free initial consultation.