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High Net Worth Divorce

In some divorce cases, one or both of the parties have a high net worth. In many of these cases, the couple has accumulated a great deal of wealth over the course of their marriage. That makes it typical for there to be a battle over the division of marital property. Investments, valuable items, and large accounts are just some of the assets that may be involved.

If you are facing a divorce and you and your spouse have a high net worth, you will need a skilled attorney by your side who pays close attention to detail and who has access to vast resources that can work in your favor.

Working Through The Issues Of High Asset Divorce

When working with a skilled Florida divorce attorney, you have someone who will diligently work through the issues that come about during high asset divorces. First of all, marital property goes through equitable distribution, which means the distribution is not equal. Your divorce attorney will protect your rights as the property is divided and will work hard for you to ensure fair and equitable division of that property. Resources will be sued when necessary. These resources can consist of business evaluators, accountants, property evaluators, and other experts that can work on the case. This will ensure that there is a true and clear understanding of the value of the property, debts, and assets that are being divided.

If you expect that your spouse may be fraudulently hiding assets, this can be found out and brought to the attention of the court. Even with or without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, issues of divorce can be addressed, such as:

  • Spousal support
  • Protection of business shares
  • Protection of retirement accounts
  • Protection of real estate
  • Protection of investments

Current property that you possess will be protected by your attorney. You will also receive help with planning for your future after the divorce. After all, the purpose of the divorce is so you can move forward toward a much happier future.

Skilled & Compassionate Representation

In addition to the financial matters that must be resolved during divorce, the division of items that have both sentimental and financial value can be covered. The wishes of each party are considered when it comes to property because some pieces of property may have special meaning to one party and not the other. Examples of these types of property include jewelry, artwork, antiques, heirlooms, and furniture. By having a Boca Raton family law attorney advocate for you, you are more likely to get the result that you are looking for.

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High net worth divorces deal with a great number of assets. This means that such cases need a great deal of care because there is a lot to be dealt with. If you are facing a high net worth divorce, it is important to hire an attorney experienced in these more complex divorce cases. To learn more about your options, contact the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A. at 561-338-5297 to schedule a free consultation.