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Child Support Questions During The Coronavirus Pandemic In Boca Raton 

COVID-19 has changed our routines, our jobs, and even our lives. Many of us can’t live the way we were living and with some offices closed, who do you turn to with the essential questions?

Child support is one of the most important issues we face during a divorce. But what happens during a crisis, like a coronavirus, when you have lost work or can’t see your child during your scheduled visits due to careful social isolation? Can your child support be temporarily amended due to the social constraints made on us during this time? What happens when child support becomes an issue in a world standing still?

Florida Child Support Offices

Currently, the child support offices are temporarily closed and business is solely conducted online. All hearings have been canceled and are in the process of being tentatively rescheduled. New business is just as it is stated, new, and new business can’t be conducted in a closed office.

If you have recently been laid off for a time and are being paid less than usual, you may not be able to pay your full amount of child support. At the same time, if you are on the receiving end of such benefits and your work is suffering while your former partner is thriving, do you have options to temporarily increase child support to help care for the children?

Stressful times can bring out the best and the worst in people. Speaking with your former spouse about your current situation may be the best way to go but in contentious relationships, contacting your lawyer for advice is your best option. A compassionate and experienced lawyer will be able to guide you through these unique circumstances.

Child Support Laws

Florida Statue 61.30 outlines child support rules and regulations, even when it comes to retroactive child support. This law specifically states that a change in employment, salary, and wages allows you to request a modification of the child support agreement and revalue what you can give or receive.

Each parent is obligated to care for their children monetarily but the custodial parent must receive some sort of compensation for having and caring for the child the majority of the time. Child support is based mostly upon you and your former partner’s income and the court is always prepared for that to change.

The best way to approach the problem is to contact your lawyer to discuss your problem. If you cannot pay the full amount of child support and support yourself and the situation has an unknown end, a modification order may be warranted. If you are not receiving the amount of child support that you are to receive, contact your lawyer for options and file a claim if you truly feel that you have no other option.

What Are My Options?

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your children is to speak to someone with the experience and put your decisions in writing. If social isolation lasts longer than expected, it’s essential for everyone to be clear on their responsibilities and willing to work together.


modification is a change that can be made on any decisions made in a previous divorce decree.  Modifications exist to protect both parties during a time of substantial and involuntary changes in their circumstances. That describes our current situation entirely and you deserve a lawyer who cares more about your interests than in the hours they can bill you during this time.


Your lawyer may suggest a quicker route that can currently be completed online. Mediation, or telemediation, may work for you if you are looking for a quick, binding, but a temporary reevaluation of your income that creates a valid compromise between you and your former spouse. The value of mediation is that you can work out your issue in an immediate and personal way to come up with a creative solution instead of leaving the decision up to a judge in the future.

The best thing that you can do for your children is to do whatever is best for them and abide by the guidance of your lawyer. Ronald M. Zakarin is adapting his business and his approach to our new reality quickly and is ready to help you with your pandemic concerns.

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