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Do You Need a Child Support Lawyer in Boca Raton?

Angelina Jolie claims that Brad Pitt has made “no meaningful child support payments” since their informal payment arrangement was agreed upon. Brad Pitt has reportedly given her $8 million since they split, and paid $1.3 million in bills. The $8 million is reportedly a loan for the house for her and the children. This type of “she said”, “he said” makes big headlines in today’s world. But what about you? It would be nice to just get the amount of one week’s groceries in child support payment.

You are probably just an average person in Boca Raton, and the child support agreement is different. Situations differ, but when child support that you are owed is not being paid, there is a need to get it solved. The child should not suffer because of the lack of support.

What is Your Situation?

  1. The court ordered child support to be paid. For a couple years payment was made, but “out of the blue” support payments stopped. It was a huge jolt to you and the children when this much-needed income was not coming.
  2. The child support payments that the court ordered at the time of the divorce finalization have never been made.
  3. Payments are behind at least 6 months. The spouse owing the payments keeps making promises of “catching up”, but never follows through.
  4. Needs have changed. The children are older and have sports fees that the non-custodial spouse who is required to pay support has to pay their share. Bills for medical or mental health could also be involved.
  5. You have already gone back to court and the spouse agreed to make payment for arrears or current payments, or the result would be” jail time”. They honored this arrangement for a while but again have discontinued.
  6. Perhaps you are the parent paying child support but are being accused of not paying or not paying enough.

There could be “millions” of different scenarios, but all point to the one fact that you need to seek out an attorney who can represent you well in the matter of child support. Because you as the parents have agreed to “part ways” does not indicate the children should not be taken care of.  One of those ways is financial. Denying children of basic essentials, besides not being able to give treats of candy or small toys occasionally is cruel.

Many times the anger the adults have toward one another spills over into withholding child support payments to “get back” at the other spouse. Often the result is losing the dwelling place of the children. When support payments are suddenly lost, it is hard to keep up payments of rent or the mortgage. Besides moving to allow for smaller payments, the upheaval to the children because of school and neighborhood changes can be devastating. Again, the children are the ones facing the most turmoil to adjust and adapt to new circumstances.

Does Money Equal Love?

The short answer is “no”. Everyone’s economic situation is different. Someone making $200,000 a year should, of course, be paying more to support their children in a divorce situation than someone making $50,000 a year. The court decides the amount of the obligation by factoring this. When money and love could come into factor is when the parent who is obligated to pay child support refuses, and therefore neglects the children.

In some cases, the parent who is obligated to pay child support also does not make any physical appearance in the child’s life. In other cases, the non-paying parent will always see their child according to the custody arrangements. The visiting or custody arrangements do not have a bearing on the child support payments. Both parents must honor the visitation arrangements whether child support payments are being made or not.

There are a lot of emotional things involved affecting both parents and the children. There are a lot of financial things involved. The lack of money, but the need to go to court with representation is a dilemma.

Who Do I Contact?

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