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Getting Divorced? Tips to Splitting Up Your Assets

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Boca Raton Divorce Attorney Ronald Zakarin

Going through a divorce can be one of the hardest things that you have to do. Not only is your whole life going to change, first you have to find a way to go through all of your assets. Splitting everything up isn’t always easy.

Here are some tips to help you split up your assets.

Hire a lawyer or mediator to get you through this time.

Though you may be tempted to save money, a lawyer or mediator is going to help you get through everything faster than you ever imagined. An experienced lawyer is going to know all of the paperwork that you need to have before you even start the proceedings so that you don’t waste valuable time trying to figure out what all of your assets actually are!

They are also impartial to your situation. Often, divorces are very emotional times, and you need someone to be able to talk calmly while you are going through everything and dividing it up. Your lawyer will also fight for you, and you need to have someone on your side.

Be prepared to give a little bit.

Though you may feel like you deserve to keep all of your assets, the truth is that you can’t. Everything is going to have to be divided between the two of you.

Because of this, you should start a list of things that you know that you have to be able to keep and what things you want but you don’t want to fight about. You are probably going to want to keep your family heirlooms, and even though you love your dishes, you don’t really need them!

Just remember, you won’t be able to get everything that you want so you need to know what is negotiable.

It can be hard to figure out who gets to keep the family home.

Usually, when children are involved, the parent who gets custody of the children get to keep the home. Most judges don’t want the children to suffer so if they are able to continue to live at home, they will try to grant that.

If there are no children, this question can be harder to answer. There are times when it comes down to who can afford to keep the home. Other assets may be granted to one spouse so that the other one is able to keep the home. Sometimes, one party will buy the house from the other person. However, there are even times when the house must get sold and the profit gets divided between both parties.

Don’t forget about your retirement funds and investments.

Though most people don’t think about their retirement funds and investments, the truth is that you have been saving for your future for years. Whether one of you or both of you have been saving, you both deserve to have money when it comes time to retire. Because of this, you can’t forget about these assets when you are dividing everything up.

It is important to note that it is illegal to hide assets in order to keep them from the other person.

By being honest about all of your assets, both parties should be able to come up with an arrangement that suits everyone.

Divorce is never easy, especially when it comes to dividing up your assets. No matter how much money you want to save, you shouldn’t try to get divorced without a lawyer. He or she will help you through this process, making everything go as smoothly as possible.

You also need to be prepared to give a little bit. You can’t get everything, no matter how much you want to. You are going to need to let some things go. The more prepared you are to do so, the easier the divorce will go!

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