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Question: Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

You and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over.  You have both concluded that there is no reconciliation and it is time to get divorced.

You know each other well enough to know that divorce proceedings might be predictable.  You are able to communicate effectively on most issues.  You may have had discussions about how each of you want to divide your assets and move on with your lives.

You still have some lingering issues that require some debate but neither of you want a bitter divorce.  Neither of you want to spend more than is necessary to get divorced but want to make sure you are fairly represented.  You and/or your spouse are not sure that mediation is right for you.

You may have minor children and child support and visitation issues are still in dispute.

Collaborative divorce provides an opportunity for divorcing couples to sit down together and hash out differences, negotiate a fair and equitable settlement, and get the legal representation you require.  Collaborative divorce allows you both to sit at a table and discuss your concerns with your attorneys participating in the conversation, insuring your agreement is in accordance with state laws for your circumstances and each of your interests are considered.  You are not saddled with litigation and continuances that you are not expecting.  Both attorneys are working to help you both come to an agreement that works for both of you.

Collaborative law attorneys may refer you to others such as divorce financial advisors to review some plans but will be focused on the agreement and not litigation.  Like other alternative divorce arrangements such as mediation, collaborative divorce is voluntary.

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