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An Overview on Filing a Joint Petition for Divorce

If you’re preparing for divorce and you and your spouse can agree to most everything, you may be able to file a joint petition for divorce. A joint petition is a document that details the agreements you have reached on your own, without the court. This petition will request the dissolution of your marriage based on the fact you both agree to the division of assets and property, child support and custody and spousal support.

Working Together

To file your joint divorce petition, you must agree to the divorce and complete all necessary paperwork together. You have to meet any requirements on the time frame for being married, and you must attend a court hearing together.

Settlement Agreement

When you file your joint petition, you will submit an agreement that outlines all of the matters you’ve settled upon. You may want to enlist the services of a divorce mediator to make sure you’re following the rules of the court.

Also, it’s helpful if both you and your spouse retain separate attorneys, as your attorney can properly advise you on the law. If for whatever reason the settlement does not come to fruition, or one of you changes your mind, your attorney does not have to worry about a conflict of interest if you both decide to share an attorney.

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