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Collaborative Divorce: Is it Right for You?

When faced with a separation or impending divorce, it can often be an emotional and challenging time for couples. However, instead of letting emotions run high, especially when children are involved, many couples opt for a collaborative divorce. If you find yourself wondering, “Is a collaborative divorce right for me?“, learning the ins and outs of the process is the best way to make an informed decision.

What is a collaborative divorce?

Whereas many divorcing couples find themselves pleading their case in front of a judge or office of the courts, collaborative divorce is an alternative method to finding a resolution to disputes. The couples and their respective attorneys agree to use cooperative techniques to resolve conflicts instead of litigation. All parties are committed to negotiating to determine an outcome that is beneficial for both spouses and dependents.

What is the process of a collaborative divorce?

The couple and their attorneys begin the process by entering into a participation agreement. This agreement stipulates that if a settlement is not agreed upon, the attorneys will withdraw from the process. In fact, all parties must understand that the lawyers are simply retained for settlement negotiations and will not ensue litigation.

Why is this a beneficial option?

One of the most beneficial elements of a collaborative divorce is that both the couple and their attorneys are committed to managing conflict in a creative and civil manner. In fact, open and honest communication is encouraged during four-way meetings between all parties.

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