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Financial Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents Facing Divorce

Making the decision to divorce carries many stresses. One of those could simply be, “How will I support my family?” It can be especially daunting for parents if one has always stayed at home, so we have some tips for stay-at-home parents facing divorce that can help you navigate some of those concerns.

First, don’t count on alimony.  Florida Governor Rick Scott just vetoed legislation that would have set guidelines on how to calculate alimony based on the length of the marriage and the income of each spouse. And Florida isn’t alone. Forbes.com says almost every state is reviewing its alimony guidelines. The business site suggests that you will need a job if you don’t currently have one.

Divorce coach Claudie Broome takes it even further. She suggests getting your own bank accounts to start a nest egg, your own credit cards in your name only, your own email with a private password, and she even suggests getting your own post office box.

And no, you can’t do it all alone. Move closer to family if you have to. Find good legal aid. Go to a women’s resource center. Do anything to get a support system in place.

Finally, take some advice from life coach Gloria Swardenski. She says, “in a nutshell, the fears that you are feeling right now are very overwhelming and in the grand scheme of things can feel very real. Based on the information you have right now, it does seem like a mountain that is almost impossible to climb. Yet, I want you to know that it isn’t impossible!”

A good place to start is with an attorney, so contact us for more information on how the Law Offices of Ronald M. Zakarin, P.A.,  can navigate this with you.