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Character Reference Letters are Beneficial in a Child Custody Case

Who We AreIf you are preparing for a child custody hearing, your attorney may suggest that you obtain character references to present at the hearing. A character letter’s purpose in a child custody case is to provide evidence to the court that the parent seeking custody is a fit parent, meaning the letter writer is expressing the parent can act in the best interests of the child.

A character reference letter generally covers all factors that are considered by the court during a child custody case. These factors include the health of the parent seeking custody, the economic stability of the parent and the emotional relationship between the child and the custody-seeking parent. The letter should cover all of the factors the court will consider when determining custody of the child, with the goal of the letter to give the court reason to favor one parent over the other.

A character reference letter may also be used to outline the living condition that the child is familiar with, as generally courts do not like to disrupt the living situation that a child is accustomed to. These letters should be written by individuals who have a close relationship with both the child and the parent. Many times these character reference letters are required by the court as letters of recommendation, but the court won’t consider the letter if the letter writer is not close to the parties involved.

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