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What You Need to Know About Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

Parenting is a right, but also a privilege revocable by the courts. Even though it is usually difficult to have your parental rights terminated due to Florida statutes, there are certain circumstances where removing them is permissible. Voluntary absolving of rights A parent is also able to give up his or her rights regarding the children. In… Read more »

Important Facts about Divorce and Guardianship Law In Florida

You’re getting divorced. You are probably wondering if you will be granted custody of your child. Here’s what you need to know about guardianship laws in Florida: Negotiations aren’t working You and your ex-spouse simply cannot agree on issues surrounding custody. The only option left is court, which means that a custody hearing will determine… Read more »

Are you wondering how much divorce costs in Florida?

Is divorce in your near future? We’re sorry to hear that, but facts and a sound legal team will help ease your anxiety. Getting divorced is never an easy process, but each state is different, and presents its own set of challenges. If your divorce is taking place in Florida, here are a few things… Read more »

Understanding the Emancipation Process In Florida

You might be wondering how the emancipation process works in Florida. Minors can legally separate themselves from their parents if they are sixteen years of age or older. But what are the officially recognized reasons that a court allows as a basis for emancipation? Specific purposes or broad emancipation It’s important to know that a child… Read more »

Gay Divorce and Guardianship Law Issues In Florida

Same sex marriage has been the law of the land in Florida since at least January 6, 2015, when a Florida judge’s ruling against same sex marriage was deemed to be unenforceable. Gay marriage has inevitably created new sub-issues involving gay divorce and guardianship law In Florida that the state’s judges are slowly getting under control. Many… Read more »